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Ambient Sulphur Dioxide Analyzer

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Sulfur dioxide Analyzer using Ultraviolet fluorescence principle, combined with the most advanced microprocessor technology provides accurate, reliable low ppb-ppm levels of SO2, suitable for atmospheric monitoring and dilution of pollution online monitor application.

Work is the basic principle of UV fluorescence method for sulfur dioxide Analyzer. SO2 reception of ultraviolet energy excited state molecules return to ground state, issued a characteristic fluorescence, fluorescence intensity of material can be quantitatively measured. Through the use of regular measurement of dark current compensation enlarger PM d drift and corrected using the reference detector UV lamp intensity change, and improve the stability of measurements. Removal And unique optical design of efficient hydrocarbon removal effectively eliminates inaccuracies created by interference.

Full control over all the functions of this instrument at the same time, can also provide important operating parameters of online instruction. During the measurement, real-time automatic compensation of the temperature and pressure changes.

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