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In-situ laser gas analyzer

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Vasthi Instruments are global leaders in manufacturing of In-situ laser gas analyzer and have been supplying instruments to customers worldwide, Our multidisciplinary team of scientists, physicians, engineers, and regulatory consultants with decades of global experience brings you the quintessential mechanism that provides complete safety accuracy and durability.
Vasthi Instruments was formed with visionary thinking and innovative ideas resulting in innovative products and solutions. We enhance our product quality by the continuous process of research and development. We have WIDE range of models to suite various site conditions and processes.
Main functional modules of In-situ laser gas analyzer (ITLA-1000xx) includes transmitter, receiver, reference unit and measurement unit. The transmitter drives the tunable diode to
emit laser of certain wavelengths, which passes through the gas cell, then reaches the receiver. The receiver performs signa processing to obtain
Second harmonic signal, then calculates the processing to obtain second harmonic signal, then calculates the concentration according to
the relationship between the second harmonic signal and the gas concentration.

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