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Oxygen Gas Transmitter

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Vasthi Model VT-90-O2, oxygen gas transmitter deficiency sensors are non-intrusive “Smart Oxy meter” sensors designed to detect and monitor O2 in air over the range of 0-25%. One of the primary features of the sensor is its method of automatic calibration which guides the user through each step via instructions displayed on the backlit LCD. The Oxygen Gas Transmitter sensor features field adjustable, fully programmable alarms and provides relays for two alarms as standard. The sensor comes with analog 4-20 mA output. Output allow for greater flexibility in system integration and installation. The Oxygen Gas Transmitter microprocessor supervised electronics are packaged as a plugin module that mates to a standard connector board. Both are housed in an explosion proof condulet that includes a glass lens window which allows for the display of sensor readings as well as access to the sensor’s menu driven features via a hand-held programming magnet of oxygen gas transmitter.

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