VTOC Online Water Analyzer

Vasthi Instruments are global leaders in manufacturing of VTOC Online Water analyzer,Gas Analyzer, Gas Detectors, Dew Point Meter, Dew Point Analyzer, Online Dew Point Meter, Portable Dew Point Meter, Particulate Monitors, Stack Gas Analyzers, gas detector, Hydrogen Gas, single gas detector, wireless gas transmitter, wireless gas detector, Hydrogen gas purity, VTOC Online Water analyzer-1000 online chemical oxygen demand analyzer uses the oxidation principle and adopts the catalytic TOCcr fast method to automatically complete the on-site collection of water samples by computer control, dosing, constant temperature digestion until the results show the whole process.

VTOC Online Water analyzer is applicable to the online TOC measurement of the inlet and outlet of the sewage outlet or device of the enterprise.


VTOC Online Water analyzer has an alarm that the equipment is powered off, the instrument leaks, and the fault content is displayed. At the same time, stop running until the system is restarted. VTOC Online Water analyzer Using the latest Technology pf the American Master Flex peristaltic pump, the failure rate is extremely low, the peristaltic pump tune continuously rotates 500,000 time per minute, and the service life reaches 10,000 hours.


Features and Advantages

Features and Advantages:

1)VTOC Online Water analyzer adopts the international leading photoelectric quantitative system, the sample is more refined and accurate.
2)The use of the international leading valve sampling system, abandoned the original solenoid valve. the valve sampling system uses a rotary sampling method, and the pipeline has no aging of the solenoid valve pressure. the failure rate is extremely low. Low maintenance costs.
3)It adopts the world’s leading power protection technology and can adapt to the unstable environment of the power grid.
4) The double sampling of the water sampling system can be applied to extreme water.