Calibrator for Calibration

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Dynamic calibration of Calibrator for Calibration based on microprocessor technology, developed specifically for precision gas analyzers and multiple gas calibration equipment. Through the use of high precision mass flow controller and standard gases for gas parameters of zero point and span test calibration gas, can also provide 4 kinds of gas source.

Dynamic calibration device can be equipped with a built-in programmable ozone generator, the ozone generator is not only used as an accurate and reliable calibration of ozone, ozone generator can also be used for g-d NO20 multi-point piecewise linear drive to ensure repeatability and accuracy of ozone concentrations; optional spectrophotometer can also achieve the ozone generators high accuracy control.

Dynamic calibration of fast response, high repeatability, high accuracy and easy to use. And used zero gas generator, and gas analyzers for laboratories to provide reliable quality assurance.


  • Continuous belt alarm post
  • High-precision Switzerland mass flow controller
  • RS-232 port for remote control
  • Digital output the instrument parameters
  • The dilution ratio, fast response
  • With USB and Ethernet interfaces
  • Gas phase titration quartz chambers, calibration gas interface
  • Color display, touch screen operation
  • Optional ozone generator and ozone photometer
  • Large-capacity memory automatically stores historical data
  • Microprocessor realisation of multi-function operation
  • Software allows monitoring during the operation to test data





Dilution system


Dilution air flow rate range rate range                                            Gas flow rate range


0-5 LPM, 0-10 LPM, 0-20 LPM optional

(0-50) sccm, (0-100) sccm, (0-200) sccm

Flow control

Flow line

Optional 1% F.S.

0.5% F.S.

Flow control repeatability

Zero air supply requirements

Gas inlet

Dilution air inlet

Response time

0.2% F.S.

10 LPM@ 30 PSI



T98 < 60 S

Ozone generator

The maximum output

6 ppm

The minimum output


Response time

100 ppb

±1%/7 days

T98 < 180 S

Ozone photometer



(0.1-10)” ppm

1.0 ppb


Lifting time

1% F.S.

<20 s

Response time

Zero point drift

Span drift

Sample gas flow

180s (98%)

<1.0 ppb / 7 days

<2% / 7 days

800 sccm

The whole machine

Power supply

200-240V, 50/60Hz, 200W

Device dimensions (H*W*D)


Instrument weight

Operating temperature range

Operating humidity range

<15 KG


(0-95)% RH



Communication protocol

Rs232 & RS 485 communication,

Ethernet (optional)