Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

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Dissolved oxygen Analyzer is based on the physics of specific substances on the activity of fluorescence quenching principle. The blue light from a light -emitting diode (LED) illuminates the fluorescent substance on the inner surface of the fluorescent cap. Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer is to calculate the concentration of oxygen molecules, through the temperature and pressure automatically compensate for the final output value. Dissolved Oxygen analyzer can detect the phase difference between the red and blue light.




Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer has

1. No electrolyte, no polarization.
2. No need to consume oxygen, not affected by the flow rate.
3. Built-in temperature sensor, automatic temperature compensation.
4. Not subject to sulfide and other chemical substances interference.
5. Drift small, fast response, more accurate measurement.
6. Maintenance-free, Longer life cycle, The use of lower cost.
7. Fluorescent cap replacement is simple.
8. RS-485 interface, MODBUS-RTU protocol.


Model:VDO- 200
Measuring principle:Fluorescence method
Range range :0-20.00mg/L
Resolving power:0.01mg/L, 0.1° C
Accuracy:±5%F.S., ±0.5° C
Signal output: RS485( Modbus/RTU)
Working conditions:0^-45 °C, <0.2MPa
storage temperature:-5^-65°C
Installation method:3/4″ NPT screw thread, immersion mounting
Cable length :5m, other lengths c an be customized
Power consumption:<1W;
power supply:230 V , 50 Hz
Protection level for sensor:IP68