In-situ CO Gas Analyzer

Vasthi Instruments are global leaders in manufacturing of In-situ CO Gas Analyzer and have been supplying instruments to customers worldwide, Our multidisciplinary team of scientists, physicians, engineers, and regulatory consultants with decades of global experience brings you the quintessential mechanism that provides complete safety accuracy and durability.

Vasthi Instruments was formed with visionary thinking and innovative ideas resulting in innovative products and solutions. We enhance our product quality by the continuous process of research and development. We have WIDE range of models to suite various site conditions and process
Insitu Co Gas Analyzer


ITLA-1000 Gas Analyzer is a highly integrated single -flange gas monitoring equipment,of which core detection module adopts A nondispersive infrared (NDIR)
and Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) gas absorption technology with independent intellectual property rights.The specially designed measuring cell effectively improves optical path length for gas absorption,which can measure trace gas accurately inside pipeline
ITLA-1000 can be widely applied in online gas monitoring occasions including denitrification device,boiler flue and exhaust detection,etc.One equipment caan realize online monitoring for multiple gas components,such as CO,CO2,SO2,NO,NO2,etc.