Laser Gas Analyzer For Natural Gas

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Laser Gas Analyzer VLGA -2000


VLGA – 2000 Laser Gas Analyzer uses TDLAS technology and long-path reflection technology, which greatly improves the detection limit. It can analyzer O2,CO,NH3,CO2,CH4,H2O,HCL,HF, etc., providing a new solution of online measurement of trace gases for natural gas,petrochemicals,environmental protection and steel and other industries.
System Composition:
VLGA-2000 consists of transmitter, receiver and display panel. The transmitter drives the tunable diode to emit laser of certain wavelengths, which passes through the gas cell, then reaches the receiver, the receiver performs signal processing to obtain second harmonic signal and the gas concentration.
The display unit not only shows the measuring results, but also realizes loading and setting of parameters with magnetic pen.



Linearity Error: ≤±1%F.S
Repeat ability: ≤1%
Span Drift: ≤±1%F.S./half year
Zero Drift: ≤±1%F.S./half year
Maintenance Cycle: ≤2times/year,clean optical window
Calibration Cycle: ≤2times/year(or Automatic Calibration)
Type of Protection:ExdIIB+H2T5 Gb
Enclosure Rating: IP65
Preheating Time:≤15 minutes
Response Time: ≤30s (Related to the working condition)
              Interface Signal
Analog Output:
2*4-20mA output (Isolation, max load 750ᾨ)
Analog Input: 2*4-20mA input (temp,and pressure, compensation)
Digital Output: RS485/RS232/GPRS
Relay Output:3(24V,1A)
          Operating Conditions
Power Supply: 100VAC-240VAC
Ambient Temperature:-20˚C˜+55˚C
Installation way: Sampling Installation


  • Single line spectrum technology free from interference of background gas
  • Multi-reflection technology achieves optical path up to 25m, improving detection limit greatly.
  • Integrated flame-proof design, high reliability and stability
  • Innovative hall button design, better than infrared key way
  • Optical path length can be adjusted, measurement range covers constant to trace Optical non-contact measurement, small drift