Multi Gas Detectors

Multi Gas Detector is specially designed to analyze any gas of your choice, its automatic operation, accurate measurement, and crystal clear digital display makes this Gas detector design more users friendly. Moreover, multi gas detector acts effectively in the on-site instant analysis.



Gas detector’s portability makes it more comfortable for a user it was designed in such a way it provides all immediate necessary data that is required to analyze any type of gas in no time, its computer interface stores key data that can be analyzed in the laboratory.


1.Natural diffusion sampling method and high sensitivity sensors, with high sensitivity and repeatability.
32-Bit built in MCU, high reliability and self-adaption ability
2.Full functions, easy operation.
3. Colorful LCD, more intuitionistic, abundant and clean indication
4.Compact design, easy carrying
5.High strength engineering plastics and compound anti slippery rubber: high strength water proof, dustproof,
and explosion proof.
6.1200 pcs date records, can be conducted with computer via software. Can print the data records, can make
the data analysis
7.Gas curve display.

Technical Specifications

Gas sampling method : Natural diffusion & suction
Detecting gas : Combustible gas ,toxic gases,O2
Accuracy : ≤±2%F.S
Response time : ≤30S
Indication : LCD displays real time and system status:LCD, audio and vibration alert for gas Leakage, fault and low voltage.
Working environment :-20°C-50°C,<95RH(no dew)
Power source : DC 3.7v Li -on battery,18000mAh
Charging time : 4h-6h
Working time : 10h continuously(with out alarming)
Gas sensor life : 2 years
Explosion proof grade :Ex ib IIB T4 Gb
Protection grade : IP 65
Weight : AppR.400g( with battery)
Dimensions : 140 mm х 64 mm х 34 mm (L х W х H)