Multi Gas Detectors

Multi Gas Detector is specially designed to analyze any gas of your choice, its automatic operation, accurate measurement, and crystal clear digital display makes this Gas detector design more users friendly. Moreover, multi gas detector acts effectively in the on-site instant analysis.


Gas detector’s portability makes it more comfortable for a user it was designed in such a way it provides all immediate necessary data that is required to analyze any type of gas in no time, its computer interface stores key data that can be analyzed in the laboratory.


  • Complete Automatic Operation
  • Self Diagnostic Check
  • Proven Sensor Technology
  • Accommodate up to 4 sensors
  • Continuous, stable alphanumeric display
  • Diffusion or suction sampling
  • Long life rechargeable batteries
  • Data logging and RS 232 output capability intrinsically safe

Multi Gas Detector Special Features:

  • Microprocessor based portable battery operated instrument
  • Digital Graphical Display Measuring ranges available on client requirement
  • Handy and light-weight
  • Inbuilt sensor
  • Optional Rs-232 computer interface & data logger

Technical Specifications

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Sensor Principle;;;As per the required gas;nn;
Display;;;128 x 64 Pixels Graphical Display LCD;nn;
Response Time;;;< 10 seconds at 95% variant;nn;
Working Temperature;;;-5 Deg. C to 55 Deg. C;nn;
Storage Temperature;;;-20 Deg. C to 45 Deg. C;nn;
Accessories;;;Battery charger, operation manual;nn;
Sampling ;;;Diffusion (D) Suction (S);nn;
Power;;;Single cell lithium ion Battery with in-built charge control;nn;
Weight;;;445 grams (approx);nn;
Dimensions;;;Refer to GA Drawing;nn;
Temperature Range;;;0 – 55 Deg. C;nn;
Warranty;;;1 Year;nn;
Degree Of Protection;;;IP – 65;nn;