Multi Parameter Analyzer

Vasthi Instruments are global leaders in manufacturing of Multi Parameter Analyzer and have been supplying instruments to customers worldwide, Our multidisciplinary team of scientists, physicians, engineers, and regulatory consultants with decades of global experience brings you the quintessential mechanism that provides complete safety accuracy and durability.

Vasthi Instruments was formed with visionary thinking and innovative ideas resulting in innovative products and solutions. We enhance our product quality by the continuous process of research and development. We have WIDE range of models to suite various site conditions and processes.

Multi parameter Analyzer (2)



  • Parameter can be customized, Max 199 item.
  • Support tirbidity, residual chlorine, chlorophyll, cyanobacteria and other parameters.
  • Chinese/English menu, RS485 Modbus output.
  • Auto Team Compensation. Water dust protection.


Model   VMPA-600



Free Chlorine (0.01-2.00) mg/L

(0.01-20.00) mg/L (ppm)

Turbidity (0.001-4000) NTU
PH 0.00-14.00PH
EC (0-20000) us/cm
DO (0.01-20.00) mg/L
Temp (0.0-99.9) °c(NTC10K)


Free Chlorine 0.01 mg/L
Turbidity <10NTU 0.0001 NTU
>10NTU 0.001 NTU
PH 0.01
EC 0.01µS/cm
DO 0.01 mg/L
Temp 0.1°C








Free Chlorine 90% ± 10%FS
Turbidity <40NTU ±2.5% FS
>40NTU ±5% FS
PH 0.01PH
EC ±1.0%
DO 0.3 mg/L
Temp 0.1°c
Communication Rs485 MODBUS RTU
Power supply Power supply AC 220V±10%
Working condition 0~50°C, related humidity<85%

(0-50)°C; <85%RH

Storage Environment 0~60°C, related humidity<85%

(0-60)°C; <85%RH

Cabinet size 1500mm×550mm×450mm