Online H2s Gas Detection System

The Model SGM – 1000 for H2S Monitor is an online mains operated Micro controller based system with alarm, zero facility and span for measuring concentration of H2S gas in line.



Its sensor (detector) senses the gas concentration and transmits a proportionate signal to the digital monitor. Modern integrated circuits provide all needed indication, alarm, and fail safe functions with simplicity of installation and operation. Monitor is built into a protective rigid Aluminum case. A window on the front face allows visibility of digital LCD indicator. LED alarm lights are provided on the left side of digital meter for individual gases, and below the meter is the manual push button switches for reset and for various functions as explained below separately. The electronic components and integrated circuits are mounted on a single printed circuit board.


  • Computer Interface RS-232
  • Data Logger: 1 Megabyte Non-Volatile Memory

Control unit Specifications

Model: SGM – 1000 

Specifications for 3 wire transmitters

  • Detection Principle Application Based
  • Response Time‹ 5 seconds
  • Zero drift 0.2% Full Scale
  • Accuracy 1% Full Scale Operating
  • Voltage 7-30 Volt DC Operating
  • Temperature 0-50 C Terminations

PCB mounted terminal blocks

  • Display Warn b Alarm Status LED Indicator
  • Inbuilt 0.5″ LCD (Optional)
  • Analog Output 4 – 20 mA Linear/ 0-1 V DC
  • Digital Output Two auxiliary contact for warn Et alarm
  • Contact rating 30 VDC/2
  • Communication RS232/RS48 (Optional)
  • Power Consumption 3.6 W max.
  • Load impedance 350 – 650 Ohm (7V – 30V)


  • Sensor Principle: As per the required gas
  • Display                : Digital
  • Response Time: <10 seconds at 95% variant
  • Working Temperature: – 5 Deg.  C to 60 Deg.  C
  • Storage Temperature: – 20 Deg.  C to 60 Deg C
  • Warranty          : One year