Online Hydrogen Purity Analyzer

Hydrogen (H2) is a limited resource and a key driver for profitability of the refinery. The final quality of fuel from the refinery depends on removal of sulfur from the intermediates, as well as on efficient upgrade and conversion activities, all of which require hydrogen.

Vasthi Online Hydrogen Purity Gas Analyzers with it’s improved hydrogen management system save you more than $200,000 a year. These Analyzers are bigger in size when compared to Portable Hydrogen Purity Gas Analyzers and they are permanently attached to a wall or any vertical surface.

Vasthi’s Online Hydrogen Purity Analyzer uses sensors based on a reliable and stable thermal conductivity concept that provide high sensitivity and accurate analysis of two-phase gases. It is designed in such a way to monitor hydrogen purity in the generator and gas purity of generator during the gas replacement process.

This instrument is best suitable for explosion-proof, toxic gas leakage and rescue, underground pipelines, mines, metallurgy, power plants, explosives, tunnels, etc., effectively preventing the occurrence of poisoning incidents, ensuring the safety of workers and avoiding loss of production equipment.

With a rich external control port, users can freely choose and easily set the form of plug-in transmitter or access port. On-site inspections and alarms are available. The system has integrated sound,light alarms and provides a relay that is normally open to the control terminal.

Some of the benefits of online Hydrogen Purity Analyzer are:

· Easy to setup

· Interface is simple and easy to operate

· Adjustable high and low alarm value without any hassle

· Free maintenance with no consumables

· Power consumption is low

· Self-adjustment function

· Explosive proof housing

· Password management to prevent incorrect operation

· More than 1% improved refinery hydrogen management system