Online Residual Chlorine Analyzer

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online residual chlorine analyser



Model VE-RCA
Measuring medium
Measuring range 0-20mg/L;0-100mg/L


Temperature 0-99°C
Resolution 0.01mg/L;0.1°C
Accuracy ±1%±0.01mg/L;±0.5°c 0-50°C
Minimum detection limit 0.01mg/L
Repetitive residual chlorine ±0.01mg/L
Stable residual chlorine ±0.01mg/L/24h
Output 4-20Ma FAC/T
Alarm relay 220v,5A FAC/T
Communication RS485
Dimension 96*96*118mm
Hole size 92*92*mm
Working Condition Working temp:0-60°C

Relative humidity:<90%





• Highly intelligent, flexible design, current output High and low alarm,485 communication, Temperature compensation, Waterproof and dust proof ,The meter has a good seal .
• Menu design, multi-screen display, residual chlorine calibration Digital clock, wide screen display meter stability.