Online Stack Gas Analyzer

Vasthi online monitoring stack gas analyzer (OMGA-2000 UV) is an one-site installation stack gas analyzer which is developed after years reaching and design on online gas analysis instruments. It can monitor gas parameters, including concentration of SO2, NOx, O2, dust, humidity, temperature, pressure, flow and etc. Vasthi online monitoring stack gas analyzer is mainly applied to tail gas emission monitoring process analysis in many fields including coal-fired power plant, waster-to-energy plant, cement factory, glass factory, lime factory, ceramics factory, sinter, coke oven, DeSOx process and DeNOx process.

Catalogue for Online Stack Gas Analyzer-OMGA-2000


Vasthi online monitoring stack gas analyzer adopts 150˚C high temperature heat tracing for whole process, on-site filtering and sampling, on-site analysis and measuring technology. All paths contacting with gas are made of 316L stainless steel. This gas analyzer has many transcendent features, such as low detection limit, accurate measuring result, easy to calibrate and compare with simple construction and without any moving parts.





  1. OMGA-2000 UV adopts DOAS and PLS which is  the  hard  hitting online analysis technology for measuring  SO2, NOx  and  other  gases, with low detection limit 0.1ppm;
  2. Uses pulsed xenon  lamp  as  light  source with 10^9-time service life; high stability; no pre-heating time;
  3. Is with no light-cutting, interferometer or other optical moving parts; high reliability; on-site Vibration will have no damage to analyzer and no impact on measured value;
  4. Directly detects NO and   N0z  to   obtain   N0x  without N02—ONO converter;
  5. User modularization design of light  source,  spectrometer,  HMI module,   gas   chamber, interface   module   and   etc. j  with   high reliability and extensibility; easy to maintain;.
  6. Splits light by holographic  grating;  detects by dode array; finally gets   complete    successive    absorption   spectrum;   is   with   high resolution; guarantees low detection limit, low temperature drift and fast response time.


Measurement Principle : NDUV

Measurement Range S02: 0-50ppm-1500ppm, customizable

N0 : 0-50ppm-1500ppm, customizable

N02: 0-250ppm-4000ppm, customizable

Detection Limit  :0.1 ppm

Zero Drift : +-2%F.S./7d

Span Drift : +-2%F.S./7d

Response :  <90s

Analog Output Interface   :  4×4-20mA output,  500 G load

Digital Output Interface  :  2xSPC0 output

Communication interface  : RS232/RS485/4-20mA

Heat  Tracing Temperature :  50°C-200°C  (can be set)

Ambient Temperature  : -10°C-+45°C

IP code  :   lP65

Power Supply : 230V AC, 50HZ

Compressed  Air  :  Clean, dry, oil free (dew point<-20°C)@(0.5-0.7)MPa

Rated Flow: 200L/min (for back blow)

External Dimensions  : 600mm(W)*285mm(D)’1200mm(H)