Portable Infrared Gas Analyzer

Vasthi Portable Infrared Gas Analyzers is a light weight, easy to handle, battery-powered analyzer, used to verify measurements and for spot checking when other methods provide questionable results.


Portable Gas analyzers are microprocessor–controlled instrument with sophisticated software process that meets the needs of industry in analyzing the Gases with accuracy and reliability. Gas Analyzers NDIR transducer provides highly stable and reliable results. We are supplying portable gas analyzers in India wise


  • NDIR absorption principle
  • The large LCD screen with clear display assures simple operation.
  • Single-beam infrared  gas analyzer having excellent stability is adopted.
  • The 02 sensor is available in 2 types: Paramagnetic  type and  Electro Chemical type.
  • Automatic in operation
  • Micro controller technology
  • Customer specific configurable
  • Suitable for Single or Multiple GAS Analysis
  • Long battery backup hours
  • Alarm indicators-low, high and fault Self diagnosis
  • Easy calibration in fresh air
  • Run-while charging capability
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • No interference from glycol, methanol or amine contaminants (vapor phase)
  • Fast and accurate real time measurements
  • Optional RS 232 and Computer Interface to transfer  the shored data
  • Data logger to store the data in system
  • Internet facility to monitor 24 hours


Measured component/  measurement  range                                           

CO2 :0- 200 ppm or 0-100%

CO : 0- 200 ppm or  0-100%

NO:0-2000 ppm or  0-100%

H2S :0-5000 ppm or 0-100%

CH4: 0-2000 ppm or 0-100%

Propane: 0-500 ppm or  0- 100%

O2: Eletrochemical   :0-10 ppm or 0- 25%

O2 :Para magnetic    1 % -0-100%

We can Provide Another gases also


Application Data

Environmental Temperature Range :-20° to 50° C  (-4° to  122° F)

Sample Inlet Pressure :10 to  25  PSIA,  10 PSIG maximum

Sample Flow Rate :0.1-10 L/min  (0.2  to 20  scfh)

Electrical & Communications

Input Voltage: 100-240 VAC,  50-60 HZ  standard

Electrical Storage:12-Volt,  Sealed Lead-Acid Battery Approx.  8 hours usage time per charge

 Current :0.5 A  @ 120 VAC during  recharging

Outputs: RS232  – all  parameters

LCD Display: Concentration

Alarms:Two Levels  (selectable  range)



Signal response time: t 90  <2sec.  (At 1  LPM) 90

Operating Temperature  :  0  –  50 Deg.  C

Warm up Time:‹3  min