Gas Detectors

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Portable Explosive Meters

Vasthi Instruments (Model VS-70 E) HANDHELD PORTABLE COMBUSTIBLE GAS DETECTOR is a compact battery operated portable instrument used for taking an air sample and indicating the presence and concentration of combustible gas. Samples of the air under test are drawn by means or a rubber aspirator bulb and analyzed for combustible gas content on a heated platinum filament in a Wheatstone bridge measuring circuit. A built-in meter indicates combustible gas content in units of explosibility. Power for operation or the instrument is provided by Lithium-ion batteries. A probe and extension hose permit withdrawal of samples from remote locations and the instrument fits in a compact leather case with over the shoulder carrying strap. The model VS-70 E is suitable and recommended for testing tanks, manholes, vessels, pressure cylinders, pipelines, and other closed systems or confined spaces to determine the presence or absence of combustible gas. It is a valuable aid for the safety of operations whenever combustible gases or vapors are handled.

Multi Gas Detectors

Vasthi Instruments Multi-Gas Detector is specially designed to analyze any gas of your choice, its automatic operation, accurate measurement, and crystal clear digital display makes this Gas detector design more users friendly. Moreover, Multi-Gas Detector acts effectively in the on-site instant analysis. Gas detector’s portability makes it more comfortable for a user it was designed in such a way it provides all immediate necessary data that is required to analyze any type of gas in no time, its computer interface stores key data that can be analyzed in the laboratory.