In-Situ Stack Gas Analyzer For Sox Nox

Vasthi Instruments are global leaders in manufacturing of In-Situ Stack Gas Analyzer For Sox Nox(Model No: OMEGA 2000-In-Situ) and have been supplying instruments to customers worldwide, Our multidisciplinary team of scientists, physicians, engineers, and regulatory consultants with decades of global experience brings you the quintessential mechanism that provides complete safety accuracy and durability.



In-Situ Stack Gas Analyzer For Sox Nox online monitoring gas analyzer is an one-side installation gas analyzer which is developed after years reaching and design on online gas analysis instruments. It can monitor gas parameters, including concentration of SO2, NOx, O2, dust, humidity, temperature, pressure, flow and etc. In-Situ Stack Gas Analyzer For Sox Nox widely applied to tail gas emission monitoring and process analysis in many fields, including coal-fired power plant, waster-to-energy plant, cement factory, glass factory, lime factory, ceramics factory, sinter, coke oven, DeSOx process and DeNOx process.

GA-5000 online monitoring gas analyzer adopts 150°C high temperature heat tracing for whole process, on-site filtering and sampling, on-site analysis and measuring technology. All paths contacting with gas are made of 316L stainless steel. In-Situ Stack Gas Analyzer For Sox Nox analyzer has many transcendent features, such as low detection limit, accurate measuring result, easy to calibrate and compare, with simple construction and without any moving parts.



  • Compact size and light wight
  • Highly Integrated design,easy to install
  • Efficient site layout
  • Install directly without optical path adjusting
  • Integrated calibration system
  • Calibrate four components(CO,CO2,SO2,NO.NO2) simultaneously;support both manual and auto calibration with sample operation and high working efficiency.
  • Environmental adaptability
  • Can be applied in poor condition;easy maintenance and long maintenance period
  • Real time data matching

Output monitoring results in real time:record and store logs automatically,including all the operation and alarm information,which is convenient to inquire and trace,easy to process and solve the problems.Outage will not affect data storage


Measuring Principle TDLAS (Measure CO),UV-DOAS (Measure SO2,NO,NO2)
Range CO,CO2 0˜1000ppm
SO2 0˜1000ppm
NO 0˜1000ppm
NO2 0˜1000ppm
Technical Index Indication error ≤±2%F.S.(CO),≤±5%F.S.(SO2,NO,NO2)
Repeatability ≤2%
Span Drift ≤±2%F.S./7d
Zero Drift ≤±2%F.S./7d
Communication interface RS485
Mainframe weight About 50kg
Operating Condition Power 220±15%VAC,5kw
Ambient temperature -20˚C˜+60˚C
Ambient Humidity Under 0%RH,no dew
Installation Installation Method In-Situ Installation