Portable Flue Gas Analyzer

Vasthi Portable Flue Gas Analyzer consists of analysis modules, gas partreatment device sampling unit and heart tracing pipe. with only one complete system, it can monitors SO2,NO,O2,CO,CO2, temperature, pressure and flow in flue gas and many more gases as customer required System Composition , Sampling unit.

It is made of stainless steel material. The part contacted with gas can be heated to 120% C to prevent moisture condensed and avoid gas loss to ensure completeness of measured gas. it only takes about 10 mints heating to 120%C. Gloves Should be Worn when operating this probe as not to burn.


Portable Flue Gas Analyzer adopts latest technology to detect SO2 NOx, free from the interference of dust, moisture,CO,CO2,HCL, and other background gas.Multiple reflection gas cell is adopted to achieve low detection limit and satisfy the accuracy requirement for ultra-low emission; NO and NO2 can be directly measured to obtain NOX value. NO converter is required. As per different site demand, CO, CO2,temperature, pressure and flow can be customised. Sample detector of temperature, pressure and flow is optional



Features of Portable Flue Gas Analyzer:

Model No:PMA2600

* No preheating is required to achieve fast measurement
*Customizable for multi-parameters:SO2, NO,NO2,O2,CO,CO2, temperature, pressure, flowrate and sampling rate
*Be able to calculate excess air coefficient, gaseous pollutant emission
*Emergency substitute solution for continuous emission monitoring system