Dew Point Transmitter

Veritcal View
Model No V smart Tdx Series
Sensor technology Capacitive Thin Film Polymer
Measuring Ranges (-40 to +30), (-60 to +30),( -80 to +30) & (-100 to +30)
Monitoring Parameter Dew Point, RH, Temperature & Moisture
Resolution 0.1 % Deg. C
Accuracy +/- 2 FS
Linearity +/- 1 %
Display Optional
Operating power 18- 24 DC
Analog Output 4-20 mA
Digital Output RS 485/USB
Display Local LED Display

Dew Point Transmitter For Compressed Air

Dew Point Transmitter Meter is designed to measure the performance of drying systems for air, nitrogen, and other compressed gases. This Model is ideal for monitoring medical, commercial, and industrial applications including plasticizers in dryers, breathing air, pneumatic tools, instrument air, and spraying/coating applications. It measures dew point by utilizing microprocessor circuitry to convert sensors signals by the use of psychometric equations. Assembled in a rugged handheld IP-65 with quick-disconnect tubing couplings and an internal sensor manifold. An orifice maintains line pressure for true pressure dew point readings.

Compressed air for Dew Point 


Packed air frameworks specifically require persistent dew point estimation with dew point transmitters. Inordinate mugginess in the packed air can bring about hazardous consumption. This makes harm the framework or loss of value for the final result.Dampness in compacted air can prompt flaws or disappointment of pneumatics, solenoid valves and spouts.Dampness negatively affects grease in packed air engines. This outcomes in erosion and expanded wear on moving parts.On account of paintwork, sticky compacted air causes absconds in the outcome.

Freezing dampness can prompt glitches in pneumatic control lines.Erosion related harm to packed air-worked parts might bring about framework disappointments.In the food and drug industry, dampness can adversely affect the necessary sterile assembling conditions.

Precise Dew Guide Estimation Down toward - 60 °C Td (- 76 °F Td)


       DDew Point Down to -60 °C Td (-76 °F Td)


The E+E dew point transmitters empower estimation of especially low dew focuses down to - 60 °C Td (- 76 °F Td). A dew point detecting component extraordinarily produced for this reason joined with an auto-adjustment technique guarantees exceptionally precise estimation of ±2°C Td.

The solid E+E dew point detecting component consolidates a moistness and temperature detecting component on a solitary glass substrate. The ideal warm coupling between the two detecting components is the essential for the reproducible auto-adjustment system.


       Calibration for High-Precision Dew Point 


During the auto-adjustment, the sensor is warmed up at standard stretches, with the goal that the overall mugginess on the moistness detecting component tumbles to 0 %. This empowers careful zero point change. Along these lines, even extremely low dew focuses can be estimated with exceptionally high exactness.

Different Elements of the E+E Dew Point Transmitters
  • Simple to incorporate on account of smaller plan and different interaction associations.
  • Powerful metal walled in area (aluminum or treated steel) for unforgiving modern conditions.
  • Simple result or RS485 interface (Modbus RTU).
  • Alternatively with or without show.
  • Simple to arrange utilizing free design programming.
  • Estimation of dew point (Td), ice point (Tf) or volume focus (Wv).





  • Analog output 4-20 mA for dew point
  • Condensation insensitive
  • Fast adjustment time
  • Pressure resistant up to 350 bar(special version)
  • RS485 RTU interface
  • The higher resolution of the sensor signal history graphical data
  • Sensor diagnosis is on-site with a mobile device.
  • Readable via Modbus:
  • Pressure dew point [°Ctd.]
  • Temperature [° C]
  • Rel. humidity [% RH]
  • Moisture content V / V [ppmV / V]


1. can we fit into the directly in pipe line

a. Yes you can

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