Tribo Electric Dust Monitor

Veritcal View
Tribo Electric Dust Monitor
Measuring Principle: Tribe - Electric charge transfer
Measuring Range: Dust content
Remark: Other measuring range on request
Process temperature: -25 to 400 Deg.C,maximum temp depends on Type
Process gas humidity: Non-condensing
Duct Diameter: >0.25m
Ambient temperature: -15 to 50 Deg.C
Ambient Humidity: 0...95% relative
Enclosure rating: IP-67
Analogue output: 4-20mA, 750 ohms load impedance
Power Supply: 24VDC
Optional Interfaces: RS-232 or RS-485
Humidity: Non condensing.

Tribo Electric Dust Monitor

The Tribo Electric Dust Monitor is a real-time, continuous, indicative dust monitor with logging and alarm capability. It consists of a single probe for installation in a silo or duct, and a control unit or logger. This type-approved measuring device with a measuring probe is for very low to medium dust concentrations. It is ideal for thick-walled or double-walled ducts because of the one-sided installation. 

The Tribo Electric Dust Monitor measurement is based on the principle of Tribo-Electric charge transfer. The electrical charge carried by dust particles is captured by a highly sensitive Tribe-Electric probe, amplified, and then transmitted to the control unit. As the current generated by the charge is proportional to the concentration of particles present, an indicative signal of dust presence results.


  • Dust level at which the red LED light alarm is triggered.
  • The emissions level at which the audible and visual alarm is triggered.
  • 4-20 mA continuous output
  • Optional RS232 or 485
  • Data lagging

    At glance

  • One-side installation
  • For very low to medium dust concentrations
  • Automatic check of zero and reference point
  • Continuous monitoring
  • For small to medium duct diameters
  • High sensitivity
  • Quick & easy single-point installation with no moving parts
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Minimum detection limit less then mg/m3

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