Retrofit emission control device for dg set

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VE-REF 7200 for PM, CO, HC
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Retrofit emission control device for dg set

Retrofit for emission control Diesel Generator emission particulate purification device also known as Retrofit Emission control device or (RECD) in short form is recognized worldwide as the most effective method and equipment for reducing diesel particulate matter and other emission gases. It first captures the concentrations of PM in the exhaust of the diesel engine and uses catalysts, oxidizers, combustion technology to decompose and burn them to remove most of the particles, thereby reducing particle emission. We use alkaline metals, which can fully capture the oxygen atoms in the air for the oxidation reaction. The common regeneration time generally takes about 20 minutes, but Vasthi advanced technology can completely regenerate in just ten minutes. 

The RECD device uses the porous partition walls between the alternately blocked honeycomb channels to capture the PM black smoke micro-particles in the exhaust gas of the diesel engine. The black smoke containing carbon particles emitted during the operation of the diesel engine enters the engine exhaust RECD through a special pipeline and passes through the densely arranged filters inside the engine to adsorb the soot particles on the ceramic filter. Diesel engine exhaust particle trap adopts particulate filter ceramic carrier. The filter-type ceramic body is composed of many small parallel pores; these parallel pores are separated by air-permeable pore walls. One end is open and the other end is blocked. The micropores can allow exhaust gas molecules emitted during the running of the diesel engine to pass. The black smoke particles cannot pass through the micropores due to their relatively large size and are filtered on the surface of the ceramic pore wall, thereby achieving the effect of eliminating black smoke. After running the diesel engine for a period of time, the intercepted carbon particles need to be cleaned up regularly. 




  • easy to install. No mechanical modification is required I Digital Pressure indication 
  • Temperature indication I Easy to clean 
  • Very low maintenance I Material construction with SS304 I Online monitoring of Inlet and outlet temperatures 
  • No moving parts 

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