SCR DeNox Gas Analyzer

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SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) DE NOx technology has the advantages of small ground occupation, high denitrification efficiency, technology maturity. SCR DeNox Gas Analyzer is the most widely used technology of flue gas denitrification at present. Its basic principle is that the diluted reducing agent ammonia is sprayed into the flue gas with temperature of 290~430℃. After the flue gas and the ammonia are evenly mixed. The ammonia and nitrogen oxides have a redox reaction under the action of the catalyst that causes the nitrogen oxides to be reduced to harmless nitrogen and water Denitrification efficiency, ammonia slip rate and catalyst life are the main basis for evaluating SCR DeNox Gas Analyzer performance. In addition to the catalyst itself, the flow field is a key factor affecting SCR DeNox Gas Analyzer Gas Analyzer performance in engineering application.

The ideal flow field can not only improve the SCR DeNox Gas Analyzer efficiency and reduce the ammonia escape rate, but also can reduce catalyst blockage due to dust deposits with low gas velocity or catalyst abrasion due to high gas velocity, thereby prolonging the service life of the catalyst. Therefore, it is essential to optimize the flow field in a SCR DeNox Gas Analyzer system. In recent years, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) has been widely used to optimize the SCR DeNox Gas Analyzer system in engineering application. Through CFD, gas flow and ammonia concentration distribution device, including the guide vanes, rectifier grille, mixer, etc. is set in a SCR DeNox Gas Analyzer facility. And then, with cold flow model test verification, the specific structure of SCR DeNox Gas Analyzer device is ultimately determined. The objective of optimization is to adjust the location, number and size of gas flow and ammonia concentration distribution device to obtain the following index