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As Well-established and respected company Vasthi engineers are able to demonstrate to their world that we stand for sustainable development and practices with support and training that was well demonstrated in our products. We have committed ourselves to publicly demonstrate our responsibility as a company. By reporting on the up-to-date up gradation of our products and follow up on our progress.


Instrument Installation and Commissioning

Vasthi engineers provide installation and commissioning for all instruments. Vasthi engineers technical personnel will arrive to the site and install your instrument, start the instrument, verify the functioning of instrument’s software and hardware, and conduct an overall investigation of instrument performance , operation and maintenance based on the Maintenance Manual.


Instrument Callibration

Calibration Services, are required annually or semi-annually for vasthi engineers products this can be performed either on-site or at the laboratory of vasthi engineers . vasthi engineers technical person will perform necessary steps to establish whether the instrument is in calibration . If the instrument is not in calibration, necessary adjustments will be made to the instrument so that it comes into calibration mode.


Parts and Accessories

Parts and accessories for our instruments will be available in our headquarters .customer either can call to our headquarters or can book online .customer can order or search for parts and accessories by part number, part type, instrument will take a minimum of three to four days for the customer to receive the parts.


Technical Support

Available on our Web site 24/7, or by e-mail or phone 8:00 am to 8:00 pm IST.


Homework before contacting Technical Support

Please refer the user manual, trouble shooting section. If you do not find the solution to the problem and want to reach us by phone or e-mail, please know your product details:

– Model number
– Serial number on the back side of the instrument
– Data history of past 24hrs
– Calibration Due Date
– Recently occurred Errors
– System Constant
– Input details


At Vasthi Engineers Pvt Ltd our aim is to enable our customers with the best quality training so that they can efficiently operate the equipment. Along with this, we also provide support to maximize the performance of the equipment, Vasthi’s training services ensure that our customer get the maximum operational benefit through our training program. Vasthi offers a comprehensive range of training services during the life cycle of the system. This training will be conducted by our highly skilled engineers to make sure we deliver the best out of us.


On-site Training

Vasthi engineer pvt ltd had realized the value of bringing training on-site. This flexible and cost effective option allows us to train your operators on whole range of our products. There are no travel expenses, and training courses will be delivered at the site or at a location of your choice.


Factory Training

Factory training takes place in our headquarters. All factory training courses are at least two days in length. The courses include hands-on training for the routine maintenance items, replacement of subassemblies and electronics, calibration, and troubleshooting. All of our instructors are highly experienced with the course content and the instruments


Dedicated Training

If customer needs guidance beyond our regularly-schedules, we can customize a program to fit your analytical measurement needs and schedule. This can take place at your site or at one of our facilities.



Our Product Seminars are conducted in select cities across the India. The one-day seminar covers Theory of Operation, Maintenance, and Hardware Overview, electronic portion, Calibration, software and Troubleshooting.