Wireless Gas Transmitter

Vasthi Engineers provides a powerful and high accuracy measuring equipments and we are supplying these equipments world wide. We are the first in India to develop the Wireless equipments.

Vasthi Designs Wireless Gas Transmitter as per specific users requirement and vasthi provides range of transmission from 50 meters to 3-4 km. Different frequency module is used for Wireless Gas Transmission.

Wireless Gas Transmitters (1)


Vasthi Wireless Gas Transmitter operates on LI-ION battery and this battery backup life time is up to 7 days and providing you in built rechargeable circuit . If not found any socket near to the Wireless Gas Transmitter installed area for charging battery in this case we are happy to provide you “Solar Plate” for charging battery. Wireless Gas Transmitter is a Micro controller based system with alarm for measuring concentration of all gases in line.

Wireless Gas Transmitter sensor (detector) senses the gas concentration and transmits a proportionate signal to the digital monitor. Modern integrated circuits provide all needed indication, alarm, and fail safe functions with simplicity of installation and operation. Monitor is built into a protective rigid Aluminium case. A window on the front face allows visibility of digital LCD indicator. The electronic components and integrated circuits are mounted on a single printed circuit board.