Gas Analyzers

Gas analyzers are microprocessor-controlled instruments with sophisticated software processes that meet the wants of industry in analyzing the Gases with accuracy and reliability. Gas Analyzers NDIR transducer provides highly stable and reliable results. We are supplying portable gas analyzers in India. Infrared sensing could also be a versatile measurement technology supporting the unique light-absorbing properties of some gases. It delivers a non-contact, real-time detection of the chosen gas’s concentration during a mix, and is widely utilized in our analyzer range, including portable analyzers, photometric products, and multi-gas analyzers. Our Infrared (IR) sensors focus an IR light through a sample cell holding a continuously flowing sample of the gas mixture, and onto a detector after wavelength selection. The property of some gases to take in unique light wavelengths is often used to detect the concentration of a selected gas No interference from glycol, methanol, or amine contaminants (vapor phase).

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