Dew Point Meter

A Dew point meter is a tool that measures the temperature and relative humidity in the air. Dew point allows you to determine whether condensation will form on a surface. measures dew point by utilizing microprocessor circuitry to convert sensor signal by the use of psychrometric equations. Assembled in a rugged handheld IP65 protected plastic enclosure and equipped with quick-disconnect tubing couplings and an internal sensor manifold. Dew point meter used for compressed air and nitrogen gasses.

Choose Best Dew point meter :

The choice of the correct measuring device is decisive for correct dew point measuring and moisture dimension in compressed air and feasts. Experts around the world trust the dependable dew point dimension bias. Our dimension technology experts will also be happy to help you to find the right measuring device to measure and cover your systems. Simply use our contact form or call us directly we advise you 

Dew point meters are suitable for the following gas types:

carbon dioxide (CO2)
methane (CH4)
air / compressed air
oxygen (O2)
natural gas
 nitrogen (N2)
hydrogen (H2)
other gases as per customer Requriment

     Special Futures of Vasthi Dew Point meter:

•    Microprocessor-based instrument.
•    Digital Graphical Display Measuring range ‐80° to +30° C dew
•    Point & other ranges are also available on client requirements.
•    Samples compressed air up to 12 Kg/cm.
•    Pressure and up to 95°C temperature can be measured directly.
•    Quick disconnect fitting, desiccant test.
•    Handy and lightweight.
•    Inbuilt thin film water vapor sensor.
•    Optional RS ‐ 485 computer interface & data logger.


•    An Embedded microcontroller-based precision instrument to help ensure optimum 
•    Operation of drawing equipment. Ideal for precise Monitoring of moisture or Dew point in 
•    Air or gas output from dryers systems or in process. Continuous monitoring of dew point 
•    Result in reduced maintains cost and downtime caused by separated moisture.
•    The main cause of corrosion in the pneumatic system the analyzer uses a highly accurate 
•    Aluminum Oxide sensor and is an economic alternative to the chilled-mirror dew point 
•    Type Meters. It utilizes embedded micro-control based circuits to give a direct - readout in dew point or other units and other units corresponding to sensor output based and 
•    Dew point or other units corresponding to sensor output based and Psychometric equations
•    To achieve high accuracy it uses temperature compensation 
•    Overcomplete operational range

Sampling System:

Different sampling conditioning systems are available, standard, or bespoke, according to the process conditions. Filters, pumps, and regulators can be incorporated to deliver the sample in the correct condition
Bypass flow systems enable longer distances from the process to the analyzer to be achieved Vasthi engineers are ready to recommend the right system for you on receipt of the full gas stream specification.



■ Petrochemicals      
■ Utilities SF6 etc. 
■ Compressed Air
■ Medical
■ Nitrogen gas at the time of filling
  in the Transformers 
■ Transportation
■ Aerospace
■ Semiconductor 
■ Heat Treating
■ Natural Gas
■ Industrial Driers 
■ Pharmaceuticals 
■ Alternative fuels 
■ Military
■ Environment
■ Ozone Generation 
■ Freeze Drying

Services by VASTHI:

■ Evaluation
■ Custom Designs
■ Calibration & Certification 
■ Repair
■ Plant visiting
■ Sampling Systems

What means dew point meter?
The Dew Point Meter is a tool for measuring the temperature and relative humidity in the air. The handy display, low battery indicator, and backlit display make it a great tool for technicians. 

Products Types
A Dew point meter is a device that measures the temperature and relative humidity of the air. If the two are very close together, moisture in the air will condense on a surface known as the dew point meters types
1.    Portable dew point meter (handheld)
2.    Online dew point meter
3.    Dew point transmitter

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